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Author Team Up Coming Up Soon!

Janna Matthies’s career in children’s writing is still young, having only begun in 2011 with the moving Goodbye Cancer Garden. Rebecca Kai Dotlich is a veteran in the field, the author of over a dozen books including What Can a Crane Pick Up? and What is Science? These two will have each other’s backs at a joint signing event for their new books at Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore November 14th from 11am to 2pm.

"It's a Wonderful Death" and a Special Occasion!

We always love seeing our neighbors succeed, especially in the world of publishing, and the latest rising star makes a fast and strong impression. Sarah Schmitt's debut novel hits shelves October 6th, an amusing and suspenseful tale about a teen girl paying for the mistake of a distracted Grim Reaper. Kids Ink is proud to present an amazing roller coaster across the viel: It's a Wonderful Death!






A Young Pirate Inspires Writing Workshop

Have you ever read something so inspiring that you wanted to write your own story? We have a special opportunity to help our younger authors-in-training develop their talents, and it’s coming up soon. Heidi Schulz, author of Hook’s Revenge, will run a workshop for young writers ages 10 and up (and their parents/ guardians) at Kids Ink on Sunday, July 26th, starting at 2pm.

Find Waldo Begins July 20th!

Clean your glasses and keep your eyes open, because it's almost time once again to answer the age-old question: Where's Waldo? 

Starting July 20th and ending July 31st, young questors can pick up a Waldo passport from Kids Ink and search neighboring businesses to find Waldo. Each location will grant the keen-eyed a ticket, which they can bring back to Kids Ink for an entry in our Waldo raffle for prizes including books and gift certificates!

Dungeon Diving with David Anderson!

This Saturday, June 27th starting at 1pm, author David Anderson will be at Kids Ink entertaining and promoting his new novel, The Dungeoneers

Sidewalk Sale!!

Stop by Kids Ink on Friday (June 5th) from 10-5 and Saturday(June 6th) from 10-3 and take part in our Sidewalk Sale!

We'll be selling books at the low-low price of $2 A POUND! Yes, you read that right, just grab a bag, load it with books, and whatever they weight determines the price. It's something new we're trying and we think it's going to be a lot of fun. Can you guess how much you'll be spending?

We'll also have a live demonstration of some of the toys we'll be selling, so you can see them in action. See you there!

Tom Watson Walks Stick Dog to Kids Ink

We don't normally let pets or animals into our shop, but we just have to make an exception for Tome Watson and his terrific 2-D pooch, Stick Dog! Celebrating the release of his lastest volume, Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream, we'll be hosting them on Thursday, May 21st starting at 4pm.

Independent Bookstore Day is Coming to Kids Ink!

Last year in May, independent California bookstores celebrated their businesses and style by hosting a variety of parties. Some had art pieces installed, many sold special edition books, a few even had authors come in and do oddball non-author things. The event was so successful that it's becoming a nationwide tradition, and Kids Ink can't wait to catch this wave. Stop by any time on Saturday, May 2nd to take part of the festivities of Independent Bookstore Day, or stay all day if you've got the strength for it!

Now that Kids Ink is 29 years young, we're thinking it's time to party like it, and we've got a lot of things planned thanks to the friends we've already invited. The brand-new Dancing Donut supplies free donuts until we run out starting at 10am, and that's just to get your energy up! All day long we'll have three generations of oversized Playmobil figures ready to take pictures with children of all ages. We'll also have a station ready for customers to stamp their own wrapping paper, a wall for visitors to post pictures or favorite book quotes and share them with the rest of our guests, a bookmark creation booth for readers of a refined and personal taste. Or if you just want to play with our classic train set, we'll have that set up right in our front window.

And that's not half of it! Throughout the day, local creators will be dropping by and proving that authors have a lot more to them than just being able to arrange words well on a page. 

-At 11am, pop-surrealist artist Mab Graves will be teaching and demonstrating evertything she knows about origami. No, seriously, she can make a paper crane that's smaller than a bottle cap, a function bed table for a doll, and so much else! The first 20 people through the door starting at 11 will also get a free copy of her paper doll book Little Lost Girls.

-From 12:30 to 2pm, young adult authors Shannon Alexander (Love and Other Unknown Variables), Trisha Leaver (The Secrets We Keep), and Lisa Aldin (One of the Guys) will run a workshop on how to make upcycled book page crafts. You could look up what that is, but you won't believe it until you see it for yourself.

-3 to 4pm, Saundra Mitchell (author of Mistwalker, Springsweet, and other mystical teen novels) will tell your fortune through the proven styles of palm reading and tarot cards. (Please note that officially, any and all wisdom dispensed by Saundra is for entertainment purposes only, and Kids Ink is not responisble for any outcomes. We don't expect a cut of any winnings, nor liability for any loses.)

-4:30 to 5:30pm, Mike Mullin (author of the Ashfall series) will have an Advice Booth set up and for the price of a nickel (no health plans accepted), he will share insights on such topical subjects as living with cats, the wonders of kale (samples available!!), writing and publishing, and anything else you can think of! (Please note that, like Saundra Mitchell, Mike Mullin's advise is for entertainment purposes only. And for the purpose of entertainment, wouldn't it be great if they had an Advice-Off? We'll see if we can put something like that together for you.)

We hope you'll be able to join as we cut loose with celebrating just how amazing it is to run a bookstore in such a wonderful place and with such incredible customers!

The Big Wiggle Tour Crawling through Kids Ink!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is inching its way through Indy! And if you join us on Tuesday, March 17th beginning at 3:30pm, you can meet it!

You and your little ones will enjoy tons of activities, including

-Saying hello to THE Very Hungry Caterpillar!
-Seeing the offical VHC Volkswagon Bug

-Making your own caterpillar pendant
-Crafting a caterpillar stick puppet
-Hearing Judy Barman's reading of the book (she makes her own props, it's great!!)
-Doing the Caterpillar Crawl
-The Caterpillar Tunnel... if you DARE!

JLG, organizers of the tour, are also hosting a photo contest! There's only one prize per store, so be dressed for success.

PHOTO CONTEST DETAILS: Fans can join in a countdown to The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day online, and the Joester Loria Group (the licensing agency that represents the Eric Carle brand) will sponsor a photo contest to accompany the tour. Fans at each event are encouraged to submit photos on The World of Eric Carle Facebook page or tag the page in their posts. JLG will pick the best photo from each location, and the winner from each spot will receive a Very Big Wiggle prize of a toy, game, or gift. 

We can't wait to see you there! 

Instead of Daylight Savings, Save the Day with Story Time!

Welcome to 2015, everyone! Winter strikes and traffic woes shouldn't stop us from having a good time with friends, and it certainly won't stop us from enjoying new books. We've got lots of opportunities to do both this season with our latest Story Time Schedule!

January 21st, 22nd, or 23rd - Hurray! Winter!

February 4th, 5th and 6th - February Fun

February 18, 19th and 20th - Penguins & Polar Bears on Ice

March 4th, 5th and 6th - Listening to Leo Lionni

March 18th, 19th and 20th - Diggin’ Doggies


April 1st, 2nd and 3rd - Books with Kevin Henkes 

Story Time is primarily for kids ages 2-5 and their parents or guardians. It's a great opportunity to get children engaged with reading and stories, as well as letting the adults in the room socialize and swap stories of their own!

As always, space is limited for each session. You'll want to call our store ahead of time to reserve the spot you want. Our number's 317-255-2598.

This is as much a treat for us as it is for our vistors - call now and lock your spot in!


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