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UPDATE: John David Anderson's Minion InvadED Kids Ink!

On Saturday, June 28th, starting at 2pm, John David Anderson will be at Kids Ink Bookstore signing copies of his books, including the new superhero novel, Minion. Also releasing that week is Sidekicked in paperback format. We’ll have copies on hand ready to sell along with a small quantity of the hard-to-find Standard Hero Behavior! His last visit was packed and books sold fast, so do yourselves a favor and get here early!

David Anderson lives in Indiana with his wife and twin children. Through his blog, web site, school visits and library events, he makes every effort to be the most approachable writer anyone’s ever met. His efforts to reach out to teenagers and help them identify their strengths establish that he has a special, fixed relationship with his audience wherever he goes. Fans can generate their own superhero stat cards via his website, As if all of that weren’t enough, he will be bringing his own snacks to share with visitors on the day of the signing event.

We’re looking forward to hosting our friend on such a wonderful occasion. Sales and signatures will all be first-come, first-served, though our store will hold books upon request – call us at (317) 255-2598 if you have any additional questions.


For two hours solid, people lined up to have David sign their books and and him questions.

Never too many, never too few, we had a steady stream the entire time and it was a blast! We're not sure how many of you called ahead to make it work the way it did, but we appreciate your efforts! Seriously, our customers are simply the best customers ever.

Along with the author, crowds, and snacks,people could get their picture taken as the Minion. We're waiting to hear back from the publisher to see if they'll reissue with variant covers!

We can't wait to have you back, David!!

Drew Daywalt Signing

It’s an author signing emergency! The Day the Crayons Quit author Drew Daywalt will be at Kids Ink Bookstore on Thursday, April 17th, from 4:30-5:30pm. That’s not too far away, so check your calendars and be sure to join us in welcoming this clever and funny author to Indy!

Primarily for the younger readers/ creators (2-8), Day the Crayons Quit follows one young artist’s quest to find colors too frustrated with their usual duties. Children that color outside the lines will see themselves right away, and others may discover new ways to look at the world and express themselves.

One Colorful Picket Line!

This signing is open to the public, and will be first-come, first-served. We will have copies in stock, if you don’t have your own yet!

Awesome Author After-Action

March 14-17 was one of the more ambitious weekends for us, and looking back it couldn’t have gone much better!


David Levithan and Rainbow Rowell packed our place to overflowing Friday night. We knew they’d bring in the crowd, but we never anticipated so many. We had to have our reading out in the back parking lot, there were so many!

Saturday, we had Mike Mullin and some of his friends over to promote the end of the Ashfall trilogy. They demonstrated some of the skills featured heavily in the series and answered questions. Volunteers among the visitors got to take home boards broken by the demonstrators, including Mike himself!

Shannon Hale closed out our monster weekend with a bit of a push herself – a breakneck tour of schools followed by a signing at our store. Like so many authors, she was happy to take pictures with her fans, especially those interested in making them memorable.

We just want to thank everyone ever. Thank you authors that helped make this weekend one of the most exciting we’ve ever hosted. Thank you to everyone working at the store who kept things running and happy. And a special thank you to everyone that showed up and gave us all so much energy – our store may trade in books, but it’s our customers that keep us going. Thank you.

Get Ready for our Four-Day Author Weekend!

You may remember, this was a while back, we mentioned that we'd have some authors coming by the store to visit in a fairly tight schedule. Maybe it sounded interesting, yet distant. Well, it's here. It's this weekend! Are you ready? Are WE ready?!? We hope so!!

Friday, at 7pm, David Levithan (Two Boys Kissing) and Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl) will be at our store signing books, answering questions, and in general being fabulous people. We aren't pre-registering people, but we WILL be giving out line tickets about an hour in advance, so you can grab a ticket before you grab dinner, before you come back to the store and see these two authors. 

Saturday, Mike Mullin is going to help us celebrate the finale of his Ashfall trilogy with Sunrise. There will be cupcakes, signings, answers, questions, volcanoes, books, and taekwondo demonstrations. All of these things MAY not happen, but most of them will. You'll have to stop by between 1-3pm and find out for yourself.

Sunday's going to be pretty normal. No authors have been scheduled. If you want to rest, or just shop generally, this is a good day to get those done.

Because Monday, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, that's when Shannon Hale is visiting us at 4pm to sign! Her latest, Dangerous, is about a young woman's first experience with sneaking out at night; it doesn't go like she'd hoped! A great author to visit and shake off the Monday duldrums before dinner!

This is going to be a hectic weekend, but also a LOT of fun. Get in on this while you can!

DON'T FORGET! Stephan Pastis this Sunday!

We hope we'll see our beloved readers this Sunday at 2pm at the Central Library, though we already know a few people will be there. Stephan Pastis for one, creator of the Indianapolis Star-hosted comic strip "Pearls Before Swine", as well as Timmy Failure, the story of an enterprising young boy and his menagerie of minions - the latest book, Now Look What You've Done, only came out February 25th (you can still smell the freshness!).

Also, you'll be there. Yes, you. Don't act coy, you know you'll be there!

We'll be there too, all set up and ready to help you complete your Pastis library. 

For more information, visit the Central Library's web page on the event, conveniently available here

Sara Grant Signing

Cabin fever setting in? We've got the cure! Stop by Kids Ink Friday, January 10th, at 4pm and see Sara Grant, native Hoosier author visiting from her home in the United Kingdom.

Her latest novel, Half Lives, is a dystopian story told across two time periods geared to teen audiences. We'll have copies of this and her previous novel, Dark Parties! 


The Sara Grant signing was a lot of fun! The author herself took customers through such topics as parts of her creative process and the social attitudes of cats - not sure how or if they're related, but it was a delight to be there! 

And in case you missed it, we DID take a few photos. She was even kind enough to leave us with a few signed copies, if you want to pick up something special.

Not a huge crowd, but engaged

Available for pictures!

She loves her audience! 

Holiday shopping stressing you out? Let us help out with extended holiday hours!

We're keeping our doors open longer to give you more time to shop for the ones you love! 
Monday-Friday, we're open from 10am - 8pm.
Saturdays, we're open from 10am - 6pm.
Sundays, we're open from 12pm - 5pm.
On December 24th, we'll be open from 9am - 3pm. (Last minute shoppers take note!)
We will be CLOSED December 25th and 26th.

After that, we'll resume our standard hours, which'll seem like a vacation on its own! See you soon!

Small Business Saturday is November 30th!

Kids Ink is participating this year and marking the occasion with style, excitement, and visits from Indiana’s great writers!

Sherman Alexie, poet, writer, and filmmaker, sent out a call to all authors, asking them to support their local independent bookstores on November 30th, to promote reading good books, and reward those that sell good books. For the entire day (10am-6pm), not only will customers get to browse Kids Ink’s normal, incredible selection, but they’ll do so with the guidance of authors that know the industry like few others.

   10am   Rebecca Dotlich (What Can a Crane Pick Up?), Christine Johnson (Claire de Lune)

   11am   Rebecca Dotlich

   12pm   Saundra Mitchell (The Elementals)

   1pm     Lynn Rowe Reed (Thelonius Turkey Lives!)

   2pm     John Dave Anderson (Sidekicked)

   3pm     Dan Carpenter (Indiana Out Loud), Janna Matthies (The Goodbye Cancer Garden)

   4pm     Mike Mullin (Ashfall)

   5pm     Mike Mullin

This is going to be an event to remember, and we can't wait to see you there! 

UPDATE DECEMBER 2: Small Business Saturday has come and gone, and left in its wake fond meetings, joyous visits, and a LOT of customers! None of it would have been possible without our
 honorary booksellers, who just happened to be some of the greatest local talents around!

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Saundra Mitchell

Saundra Mitchell

Lynn Rowe Reed

Lynn Rowe Reed

John Dave Anderson

John Dave Anderson

Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter 

Janna Matthies

Janna Matthies


Mike Mullin 

Thank you so much to everyone that stopped in - our customers prove to us time and again why it's so delightful to work at Kids Ink! 

A Wonderful Time with Kate DiCamillo

With over 300 attendees, above and beyond everyone's expectations, we think it's safe to say Kate DiCamillo's event Sunday was a great success! Children and grown-ups alike delighted in hearing her speak, especially when she answered their questions.

That was the first half hour - it was over two hours later that the line for signatures was finished!

Thank you once again! 

We love doing things like this!!! 

Author Visits Draw Crowds!

In case they slipped by you, Kids Ink delighted in taking part in a couple of signing events that went spectacularly.

Last Thursday, (October 10th), St. Pius school hosted the creators of Vordak the Incomprehensible: Vordak the Incomprehensible! His minions Scott Seegert and John Martin were on hand to help him navigate the narrow doorways with all that headgear, and also answer questions and read some of the more popular bits.

Ever one to lure adults into a false sense of security, Vordak lent himself to taking pictures with a few members of St. Pius’s staff and faculty.

The students welcomed Vordak by creating a statue in commemoration of his visit. The medium of choice was aluminum cans.

The overlord approved.

And this past Friday (October 11th) saw David Shannon appear at our very own store in celebration of his new book, Bugs in my Hair! Plenty of people already know this, as attendance for the event nearly went into triple digits!

David is no amateur when it comes to communicating with children, be it through his many, many books or in direct conversation. He read from his latest book and even shared how this particular project started.

Children can communicate right back, as the event proved. The Question-and-Answer session ended up being about as entertaining as David. Kids were thrilled to learn that David started his career when he was their age (Five), and that the No, David! series of books might never have happened if it weren’t for his mother saving his earliest works of art.

We love events like these because they give our friends and customers a taste of why we do what we do at Kids Ink. Reading can excite and inspire, but first a child has to be interested in it, and a bound folio of paper can’t compete well in a world with TV, the internet, and video games. Author visits give kids that haven’t gotten into reading a chance to witness for themselves how ideas become something tangible, something that can be shared, something that can get people involved.

Very often, that’s all it takes for a child to become an avid reader, and from there they can explore whole worlds. Any part we can play in making that happen is a part we relish, and we hope to play such parts for a long, long time.

Thanks to the lovely authors that came to visit us. Thanks to St. Pius for hosting a supervillain. And thanks to everyone that made them all feel welcome!


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