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Author Visits Draw Crowds!

In case they slipped by you, Kids Ink delighted in taking part in a couple of signing events that went spectacularly.

Last Thursday, (October 10th), St. Pius school hosted the creators of Vordak the Incomprehensible: Vordak the Incomprehensible! His minions Scott Seegert and John Martin were on hand to help him navigate the narrow doorways with all that headgear, and also answer questions and read some of the more popular bits.

Ever one to lure adults into a false sense of security, Vordak lent himself to taking pictures with a few members of St. Pius’s staff and faculty.

The students welcomed Vordak by creating a statue in commemoration of his visit. The medium of choice was aluminum cans.

The overlord approved.

And this past Friday (October 11th) saw David Shannon appear at our very own store in celebration of his new book, Bugs in my Hair! Plenty of people already know this, as attendance for the event nearly went into triple digits!

David is no amateur when it comes to communicating with children, be it through his many, many books or in direct conversation. He read from his latest book and even shared how this particular project started.

Children can communicate right back, as the event proved. The Question-and-Answer session ended up being about as entertaining as David. Kids were thrilled to learn that David started his career when he was their age (Five), and that the No, David! series of books might never have happened if it weren’t for his mother saving his earliest works of art.

We love events like these because they give our friends and customers a taste of why we do what we do at Kids Ink. Reading can excite and inspire, but first a child has to be interested in it, and a bound folio of paper can’t compete well in a world with TV, the internet, and video games. Author visits give kids that haven’t gotten into reading a chance to witness for themselves how ideas become something tangible, something that can be shared, something that can get people involved.

Very often, that’s all it takes for a child to become an avid reader, and from there they can explore whole worlds. Any part we can play in making that happen is a part we relish, and we hope to play such parts for a long, long time.

Thanks to the lovely authors that came to visit us. Thanks to St. Pius for hosting a supervillain. And thanks to everyone that made them all feel welcome!

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