Judge Knott and the Thief of Secrets (Paperback)

Judge Knott and the Thief of Secrets By W. L. Harris Cover Image
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Imagine a city that transformed into one big racecourse. Where the streets are used for the biggest racing event of the year. Imagine a world of technology beyond today's time.


"Welcome to Race Island Where racing through cities at the speeds of death is completely legal So let the games begin "

Born of a white father of wealth and a black mother of poverty. Judge Knott is abandoned at the age of three. All Judge knows is a miserable life at the orphanage with his horrible caretakers Mrs. Stiddums and Ms. Himhim. Judge is seen as a freak, often mistreated, and goes most days without eating. But all this changes when he's invited to Race Island.

There, he finds not only amazing friends, the sport of Race Wars, games, and an A.I.; a self-driving motorcycle that he can communicate and interact with, but a great destiny as well, which he discovers he's the key to uniting both races....and changing a society that enslaves those of color, but - before Judge can even reach Race Island... Mysterious things begin to happen aboard the Harmony cruise - someone is breaking into rooms. Things with ties to dark secrets go missing. Who is the Thief of Secrets? Will Judge embrace his destiny? And finish what his parents started.... even if it could cost him his life....

Product Details
ISBN: 9798223197485
Publisher: Rillo Unite
Publication Date: May 15th, 2023
Pages: 264
Language: English
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