DON'T FORGET! Stephan Pastis this Sunday!

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We hope we'll see our beloved readers this Sunday at 2pm at the Central Library, though we already know a few people will be there. Stephan Pastis for one, creator of the Indianapolis Star-hosted comic strip "Pearls Before Swine", as well as Timmy Failure, the story of an enterprising young boy and his menagerie of minions - the latest book, Now Look What You've Done, only came out February 25th (you can still smell the freshness!).

Also, you'll be there. Yes, you. Don't act coy, you know you'll be there!

We'll be there too, all set up and ready to help you complete your Pastis library. 

For more information, visit the Central Library's web page on the event, conveniently available here

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