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Hey, Somebody Wrote in My Book!?!

Kids Ink just came upon a stash of autographed children’s books, and we’re determined to make our surprise work for you. See, while we’ve got them, we’re going to sell these books at cover price!

First of all, here are the books we found and how many copies we have for sale:

*Llama Llama Time to Share (1)
*Llama Llama Home with Mama (2)
*Llama Llama Mad at Mama (1)
*Llama Llama Misses Mama (1)
*Attack of the Vampire Weenies (2, Hardcover only)
*Beware the Ninja Weenies (2, Hardcover only)
*Game (2, Hardcover only)
*The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl (2, Hardcover only)
*Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie: My Rotten Life (1)
*Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie: The Big Stink (1)
*Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie: Enter the Zombie (1)
*Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie: Dead Guy Spy (2)
*Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie: Goop Soup (1)

Now, how to get yourself one of these rare, collectible tomes: Just walk into the store or call us! Ask one of our (in my humble opinion) amazing service staff about the book you want, and they’ll find it for you. OR, if you’re calling and want it shipped, they’ll mail it to you.

It really is that simple.
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