John David Anderson Grants Kids Ink's Wish!

John David Anderson - the author of Ms. Bixby's Last Day and Posted - is set to launch his latest novel Granted with us at Kids Ink on Saturday, February 24th, from 2-3:30pm! There's a lot of magic in his work and all our shelves, so what better place to reveal a tale about a wayward wish-fulfilling fairy? 

It's Ophelia's first day as a Granter, the dutiful calling of a fairy capable of making the secret wishes of humans come true! It's an honored and sacred task, for without the granting of human wishes, fairies lack the magic to make their basic ends meet, and global magic supplies are at an alarming low-point. As for the tone of this book, it's less about a quest of restoration and more a reminder of backyard splendor. It's about looking at what you can see every day, but seeing it just a little differently and finding something wonderful that way.

Kids Ink will have plenty of Anderson's books on hand that you can get signed, along with fairy-themed snacks! If you'd like us to hold one for you (a book, not a snack, sorry!), call us at 317-255-2598. It's going to be a magical time!

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