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Kamilla Benko Arrives at Kids Ink!

Kamilla Benko gallops into the world of YA publishing with her debut novel, The Unicorn Quest. Kids Ink lucked out enough to host one of the stops on her launch tour: Saturday, February 3rd, from 1-2:30 pm. 

Kamilla's from Indiana originally, but has been living in New York the past few years as an editor for children's books.

The Unicorn Quest is the story of Claire Martinson, a younger sister used to worrying about her older sister Sophie who only recently recovered from a strange illness. The two discover a staircase behind the fireplace in their great aunt's manor that leads them to a wonderous new world filled with miracles and dangers alike. They manage to return home, but with the way open now , there's nothing keeping the other world's inhabitants from using it themselves.

Kamilla's visit will include a short reading, some Q&A and discussion, and human-friendly unicorn treats. Call the store at 317-255-2598 for more information.


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