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Tom Watson Walks Stick Dog to Kids Ink

We don't normally let pets or animals into our shop, but we just have to make an exception for Tome Watson and his terrific 2-D pooch, Stick Dog! Celebrating the release of his lastest volume, Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream, we'll be hosting them on Thursday, May 21st starting at 4pm.

Tom is a native Midwesterner, living with his family in Chicago. While his first jobs out of college were in politics, including speechwriting, he would always be making picture books for his own kids. At one point his wife encouraged him to share these books with other readers as free material, and his writing career began. These early works are still available for free online, most easily through his web site,

The Stick Dog series is his most popular work, and his favorite to work on. Tom Watson does his own writing and the initial illustrations, while Ethan Long finishes the illustration process for publication. The series follows the amusing adventures of a pooch with personality and the friends that stick with him through all the trouble he gets into, as well as how he gets out of it!

This event will include reading, signing, and whatever other shenanigans Tom dares to attempt! We hope to see you there! 

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